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Non-surgical Hair Replacement v/s Surgical Hair Replacement

Baldness or hair loss has been a global concern. The prime reason for the baldness is not particular. Scientists have found out the different reasons that cause baldness. In this modern-day, the prime reasons have been the pollution and environmental changes accompanied by the hectic irregular lifestyle of the people.

Another reason is genetic. It is not related to a particular gender. It can affect males as well as females. However, the cases are frequent in male society. The development of medical science has paved the way for numerous solutions. Some have been effective, whereas some were not. According to the scientists, the treatment for the baldness might be at a distance of a hair's breadth.

Solution with the Most Assurance

The increment in the pattern of baldness amongst the male section has given birth to hair replacement. However, this remains no more an alien thing to the people. According to the experts, before proceeding with the treatment, it stands important to know the difference between the two different types of hair replacement - surgical and non-surgical.

1. Non-surgical Hair Replacement - A Brief Overview

Non-surgical hair replacement is not new to society. If someone turns the pages of history, one will find that it has been in use since 1BC. Later on, the development has been made on the ground of toupees and wigs.

However, the advancement of medical science has altered the approach of hair replacement. The modern non-invasive technique of hair replacement takes into account the precise application of the thin layer of the manmade skin that has strong hair to the bald.

Another method includes transforming the areas of the skull with no hair into a comparatively denser region.

Advantages Associated with Non-surgical Hair Replacement

There are several advantages associated with the non-surgical hair replacement which are as follows—

  • Endless styling with a wig to have customized hair cut according to the requirement

  • Hair is going to remain in place even during or after rigorous activity

  • Affordable with a more discrete solution

  • One needs not to wait for the hair donor

  • Reversible, Cost-effective, comfortable and lightweight

Cons of Non-surgical Hair Replacement

There are a few disadvantages associated with this type of hair replacement that is as follows—

  • Routine maintenance is necessary

  • Periodic purchase or treatment required

  • Regular haircuts with persistent styling

2. Surgical Hair Replacement- A Brief Overview

Unlike the non-surgical method, this is at times, more reliable and popular because of the following advantages—

  • Immense Durability and Styling

Cons of Surgical Hair Replacement

The following are some of the disadvantages of this type of hair replacement

  • Expensive and single hair styling

  • Unevenness after some time leads to an awkward look

  • Possibility of infection is high.

Baldness remains no more a matter of concern. Choosing the right process is going to do wonders. With the use of the modern treatments, one can get back the old, black and beautiful looking glory in a jiffy!


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